Comme Des Enfants

pairings: louis/harry (endgame), louis/aiden grimshaw, aiden grimshaw/matt cardle, (a bit of: liam/danielle, zayn/perrie, niall/josh, nick grimshaw/alexa chung, louis/omcs)
word count: 32,000
rating: nc-17
warnings: swearing, hipster things, sexual acts between two men (and ugh, three at one point), angst, fluff
summary: louis wears aiden’s big cardigans and works at a coffee shop and drinks too much yorkshire tea. harry’s just trying to write his novel.
notes: i was trying to decide who i loved more: aiden grimshaw or nick grimshaw. i never ended up finding the answer, and instead wrote this. a self-indulgent hipster!everyone, coffee shop!AU, louis-is-a-boss fic. i’m not even sorry. 
all albums mentioned (found in italics) are brilliant and you should check them out/illegally download/find them at your closest record store asap.
title from the magnificent coeur de pirate

I don’t care what you’re doing. Drop it and read this. NOW.

Part 1 ~ (xxx)

Part 2 ~ (xxx)

Part 3 ~ (xxx)

Part 4 ~ (xxx)

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